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Sustainable and Eco friendly gifts

Using sustainable and eco friendly raw materials and processes is a very important ethos for Sea stone gifts.  Where ever possible we source 100% recycled silver and only use recycled and biodegradable packaging. 


Naturally sea glass, is by its nature, is an eco product.  It is recycled, discarded glass that has been tumbling in the sea for upwards of 30 years.  I collect all the sea glass myself from local beaches.  A very important park of my beach combing for sea glass is doing a beach clean along the way.  Ensuring our beautiful beaches, stay beautiful!


Cleaning our beaches and leaving the beach a better place.  Being eco-friendly and giving back to nature is a very important value of seastone jewellery and we all get involved :-)

My jewellery uses 100% eco recycled sterling and fine silver and i have a range of sustainable vegan bracelets, chokers and necklaces on tensel (bio-degradable 'green' silk cotton) and velvet ribbon. I do not use any leather items, every thing I do use is animal friendly as well as environmentally friendly.

I also make a small range of sea glass art and home decor items which uses the 'non jewellery grade' sea glass which ensures absolutely nothing is wasted and everything is utilised. 

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