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Joanna Castor designer and maker of sea glass jewellery

About Seastone jewellery

Thank you for visiting and being interested in my story. 


Seastone by Joanna is a one women small business.  I have been a silversmith since 2017 and love combining my love of working with fine metals with the beauty of seaglass.  I sell on etsy, the 'shop' tab will direct you to my shop where you can purchase beautiful hand made items.

I am lucky enough to live right by the sea, in the gorgeous, Victorian seaside town, Saltburn. We are blessed in Saltburn to get drifted and tumbled sea glass from the world famous Seaham glass works. The glass factory in Seaham closed in 1921 and gorgeous pieces of glass have been tumbling in the sea since then...almost 100 years ago!!! 

I love finding these little pieces of history and crafting Jewellery and gifts, knowing that I'm creating something that will bring joy to someone else. 

Each piece of sea glass is so unique, it calls out it's own style and no two pieces of jewellery are the same.

I believe all jewellery should have a story behind it and be meaningful. Whether it's a family antique, symbol of love or a memento of a time or place, I believe jewellery should connect your heart, mind and soul. That is why I pay close attention to my projects, each one is a creation of love and passion.

Whether you purchase a sea glass pendant or sea glass earrings you can know that I have selected the best pieces of sea glass. Each item is beautifully gift wrapped for you ensuring everything about owning a piece of seastone jewellery is a pleasure and joy.  



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